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Discover 3 Causes of Electrical Fires and How to Prevent Them


According to USFA (United State Fire Administration), America experiences about 28,600 electrical fires every year. This fire leads to property loss and damage of about 21.1 billion and 1100 injuries and 310 deaths.  January and December are mostly the months that people experience most electrical fires.  This is because people use heating lights and appliances at a higher rate. Some electrical fires occur due to appliance failure or in-house wiring problems. However, some occur due to homeowner’s mistakes such as overloading. To prevent yourself from being a victim of electrical fires, you should hire a 24 hour electrician in Sydney in case you notice any abnormality with your electrical system. You should also learn the following causes of electrical fires.

 Unsafe Appliances and Old Electrical Sockets

Overused, old appliances and those that are below the current safety standards are the major culprits of electrical fires. Worn out sockets, self-jointed wires, and frayed electrical cords are also a common cause of electrical fires. They allow emission of direct fire and heat to consumable plastic, curtains and rugs. Old electrical gadgets draw high power that exceeds the ability of the wall socket to handle.  To prevent this:

  • Check the electrical appliances frequently and inspect plugs and cords closely.
  • As soon as you notice any defective electrical cords hire a competent electrician to replace them.
  • Purchase electrical gadgets, which use high-quality materials and adhere to the approved safety standards.
  • Using light fixture which is high than the permissible wattage.

Plugging Appliances Into an Electrical Socket with Low Wattage

A major cause of an electrical fire is plugging bulbs, lighting appliances and lights into an electrical socket which can’t handle a higher level of wattage.  Antique lighting gadgets might have faulty wiring which makes the gadget unstable due to overheating. Decorating lights that have colored cloth and paper shades may heighten fire risk when the fabric or material heats up. To prevent this, make sure that all lighting devices and light bulbs are plugged into the socket with the prescribed wattages.

Plugging Multiple Appliances Into the Extension Cord

Using extension cords without restrictions can be a major cause of the fire. Fire risk is high when you plug your computer, home theater, TV, and other electrical gadgets in one extension cord. It causes too much power overload on one socket. The socket may not be in a position to handle the overload.  To prevent this, hire 24 hour electrician in Sydney to fix power outlets which match the appliances you use frequently.

Placing Portable Heaters Next to Combustible Materials

Portable space heaters which use coils are dangerous if positioned carelessly near rugs and curtains and near cloth covered furniture and beds.  Fire risk is high in case inflammable materials get into contact with coils that are hot. To avoid this, make sure that any material that can cause fire is away for such heaters.  You should also consider using radiation heaters which do not catch fire when they get into contact with fire.

Electrical fires are a major cause loss of lives and properties.  You need to do anything possible to protect your home against such fires.  You can do this by hiring a 24 hour electrician in Sydney to conduct an extensive electrical safety review of your electrical wall outlets, external power panels, and wiring.  Also, have good fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Author:Oliver Baker