Three Incredible Tips When Looking for a Catering Service

One of the few things that can make or break a special event is the food. Unless you want to send your guests to the doors, make sure the quality, taste, and presentation of the food and beverages you serve can create a great first impression to your visitors. If you happen to reside around the Melbourne area, it pays to check out a good catering Melbourne has to offer.

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While there can be hundreds of good caterers Melbourne can offer, there will always just be one or two catering services that will fit perfectly to your event. Here are three important tips when choosing the perfect Melbourne catering boutique for your special occasion.

1. Gauge the caterer’s personal interest in your needs as well as their responsiveness.

Your initial conversation with your potential caterer can help you determine how responsive they are with their prospective clients. For example, it is a good indication that the caterer is interested in doing business with you if they can return your calls or respond to your email immediately. This may also help you gauge how their performance will be like during the course of their contract with you.

A lot of catering services will claim to have the most delicious food prepared by the best chefs in town at the most reasonable price, but only a few will have the quality of responsiveness and initiative. Not all are quick to return calls or answer enquiries and be open to critiques and new idea. When choosing a good catering Melbourne service, see to it that the caterer has the desire to learn about your event by asking you about your event’s theme, budget and goals.

2. Consider a menu tasting before the event

Regardless how credible the food catering Melbourne has for you, if it isn’t willing to give you a menu tasting before your big event, then find another one. It is important that you have the idea on how the food tastes like beforehand, so you can make suggestions in case they don’t suit your preference.

Since contracting a catering boutique requires a huge sum of money, it is crucial that you are comfortable and confident to what you will be getting and serving your guests. Having a sample of the catering’s offerings prior to the occasion can give you a peace of mind that the food will be delectable. See Essential Caterer.

3. Determine the cost and the type of services of the caterer

Each catering service in Melbourne has a different price and offers different types of services. They may also charge differently for the type of event. Say for example, a wedding may be more expensive than a corporate function. A fundraising event may be cheaper than a holiday party. If you plan on having a 300-guest event, it will be wise to have a buffet type of dinner with a per plate cost. On the other hand, if it is an intimate celebration with close friends and family, it will be a great idea to hire a sit-down service with a wait staff.

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