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Nutritional Exotic Thai Cuisine – PAD Thai Curry

Noodles have long been a staple part of many different nations’ diets; some can be traced to the oldest civilizations. But one thing that can be said for noodles of any sort is that it provides an interesting texture and flavour to any type of meal. This is especially true when one looks at Asian recipes, particularly ones with their roots firmly planted in the wonderful flavours of Thailand. When people are asked what they know about Thai recipes most will agree that the cuisine is best known for its piquant curries; but what many people disagree on is where to find the best Pad Thai recipe. Even though there are several restaurants that offer top quality Thai food, not many will openly share their traditional recipes.

Pad Thai recipe

This in itself is such a pity, as cooking traditional Thai food is not too complicated, especially when one is being guided by a top Thai chef. Additionally, these types of recipes are also extremely healthy while offering top nutritional value for money. Take Thai green curry recipes for example, where one can confidently create a dish that looks and tastes opulent by simply combining a few key vegetables with some shrimp or chicken and a handful of flagrant spices.

A key flavour that stands out with most of these dishes is the clever incorporation of lime; which lends itself to the sweet-sour, tangy aroma that creates an insatiable craving for more! Additionally, one will usually find that the addition of chillies in varying quantities is a fundamental means of flavouring rice noodles or vermicelli noodles as part of creating what is commonly known as Singapore Noodles dishes. Most expert chefs will add their own variations to these dishes and there are several online recipes that are readily available, which include Thai curry recipes that have been passed down by family members for centuries.

These original authentic Pad Thai recipes may at times seem hard to find but if one looks at top Thai Australian chefs then it opens a whole new world of Thai cooking!

Italians would love to have the claim to fame for using noodles or pasta as a staple ingredient in their dishes, but if one was to travel back in time the true origin of noodle based cuisine will become clearly apparent. Similarly, anyone who is looking for easy to understand monthly Pad Thai recipes should take a look at to find mouth watering recipes.

For those human beings who feel like a complete alien when it comes to anything related to cooking, an all-in-one easy 2 step recipe can be found online. With step-by-step instructions and the choice of adding prawns or chicken, one will be able to meet even the fussiest of guests needs. What’s more, one is not obliged to divulge the secret to cooking authentic Thai food in one’s own home! It is however, guaranteed to make even the worst cook on the planet serve up a bowl of Thai curry that will put anyone to shame and raise a lot of questions!